Baby Quilts from Panels

Panels can make perfect baby quilts. And there are some super cute designs out there to choose from. What do I love about making baby quilts from panels?

  1. They tend to be the perfect size for a play blanket or crib quilt.
  2. Easy, fast and still a handmade gift.
  3. Terrific opportunity to practice free-motion quilting.

I have grown to love free-motion quilting and a lot of that has to do with practice, practice, practice. It really does get easier the more you do it and panel baby quilts are such an easy size to manage that you can really dig in and practice moving the fabric smoothly for even stitches. And outlining or enhancing a panel design can mean you are doing something more complex then you would otherwise which increases the value of the time spent. And somehow it is easier to forgive imperfections and mistakes you make when quilting when you know the piece will get spilt, spit and chewed on.

Some close ups of the free-motion quilting I did on panel baby quilts for a friend who had twins. Yes, often panels come in multiple colorways, so you can make matching, yet, unique gifts. Click on the images to view larger.