Quilt for Bridget and Lyman


The large flowers tossed across the quilt were cut from one of the fabrics and appliquéd.

Every once in a while I finish a quilting project ahead of schedule. This quilt, made as a wedding gift, was actually done before the wedding and yes, I gifted it beforehand as well. I just couldn’t wait!

This was the first time I used the “stack and whack” method to cut pieces for the blocks and I loved the process.

A short explanation of the steps:

  1. take six fat-quarters and stack them
  2. cut through all six layers at one time along gentle curves so that you have six pieces of each fabric
  3. swap fabrics around so that you have six blocks each with the six different fabrics
  4. sew along the curves
  5. press and you have six blocks ready to put into your quilt layout.

You may notice that not all six blocks were used from any given set in the final quilt. Having made more blocks then I needed allowed me to play with the final layout, and leave me with some blocks that can be made into companion pillows.

It is a pretty free form way of making a quilt and leads to some interesting interactions especially at block intersections. I spent quite a bit of time selecting the fabrics and looking at different combinations of six before cutting. Then spent quite a bit of time repositioning the blocks to determine the final layout.