Steps to Making a Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt

What I most enjoy about quilt patterns/design are the variations – endless. For a second Disappearing Nine Patch Flannel Quilt I was much more systematic in how I organized the layout and the look is entirely different from the quilt I created just a few months ago using the same construction concept. Of course the fabrics make a difference as well and here they are focused around bright pinks, purples and lime greens with some touches of light blue.

When I work on quilts I draw out the design and steps on graph paper so I have a record of what I did in case I want to repeat something I’ve created or share the steps with other quilters. I’ve cleaned up those sketches and added a few photos from my steps in making this quilt – see below. There are plenty of places on the internet where complete instructions can be found for Disappearing Nine Patch methods, but I thought I’d throw my notes into the mix available online.

If you look back at the Disappearing Nine Patch Flannel Quilt I posted about previously, you’ll notice that the rearranged squares don’t look anything like what is shown here. As I noted on that project, I didn’t use a systematic arrangement, but grouped colors and shapes in a unique order over the entire quilt so I could feature parts of the pattern more and have a much more tossed design. However you decide to assemble your Disappearing Nine Patch – Have fun with it!