Tropical Butterfly Illustrated Cards


30 Cards for $30

While supplies last!
Tropical Butterfly cards are packaged in sets of 5, containing 1 of each of the butterflies shown. Each card is 5.75 x 5.75 inches square with matching envelope. Interiors are blank.

Please check with your post office for square envelope mailing rates.

For $30 you get 6 sets for a total of 30 cards. Shipping within continental US included.

Each butterfly is illustrated full size (about 5 inches wide) using a mixed media technique I’ve perfected over the years that is especially effective in trying to capture the luminous colors in butterfly wings. It involves using both sides of a high quality velum, markers, colored pencils and inks.

The five butterflies illustrated are: Morpho anaxibia, Morpho hecuba, Ornithoptera chimaera, Papilio blumei, and Caligo placidianus.

Why those? Mostly aesthetic reasons. I loved how they looked together with their various colors and shapes, however I did try to find ones that were all of similar size.

Four of the five butterflies are drawn showing the top of the butterfly. Caligo placidianus is the exception where the underside of the butterfly is shown as that is where the “owl eyes” are visible.

Along with the greeting cards, a limited edition run of prints was created. The cards are blank on the inside and contain information on the butterfly pictured on the back.