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Hababy Color and Cut Tree Ornaments and Christmas Cards

Hababy’s Christmas Eve was one of the books included in the Holiday Story Time at Spellbound Children’s Book Shop during the Woodfin Holiday Stroll in early December. For that event I created two coloring activity pages, a color-your-own Christmas card and color-your-own ornaments page based upon illustrations from the...


Hababy Illustration Techniques (Part 1)

The illustration technique I used for Hababy’s Christmas Eve is one I started developing on a previous greeting card project and embraced fully during the Hababy project. The need was to create hand drawn illustrations that had both intensity of color and detail in the drawings. In the case...


Illustrating Hababy’s Christmas Eve

I’m often asked how the opportunity to illustrate Hababy’s Christmas Eve came about. How did I meet Jamie? And how did he decide to work with me? I met Jamie Farr when he was touring to promote his autobiography, Just Farr Fun. I was living in Raleigh at the...


Hababy’s Christmas Eve Book

Hababy’s Christmas Eve: An illustrated holiday story was written by Jamie Farr & Joy Farr and was the first full-color children’s book I illustrated. Originally published in 2003, it was reissued in 2010, and converted to an eBook version in 2012, complete with an audio recording of Jamie reading the...


Everything Talks Coloring Pages

The illustrations for Everything Talks: You Just Have to Know How to Listen all are based around strong line drawings which convert over beautifully to coloring pages. I have found these to be a big hit with children at book stores and when gifted along with copies of the...