Steps to Making a Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt

What I most enjoy about quilt patterns/design are the variations – endless. For a second Disappearing Nine Patch Flannel Quilt I was much more systematic in how I organized the layout and the look is entirely different from the quilt I created just a few months ago using the...


Disappearing Nine Patch Flannel Quilt

The Disappearing Nine Patch pattern is terrific for flannel. I find that flannel fabrics are more prone to stretching and distortion during cutting and sewing so can be frustrating to piece, however theĀ Disappearing Nine Patch with its easy cuts and straight seams works great. I really wanted to make...


Hand-tied Postage Stamp Quilt

This “postage stamp” quilt top was started by my Great Aunt Edith (see more about Edith below) and gifted to my Aunt Judy who requested my help in finishing the quilt since my studio is an easier place to assemble quilts than her dining room table. The top was...


Night in the Forest Quilt

Night in the Forest (80″x80″) is my interpretation of the 2012 Asheville Cotton Company’s Quilt Club project. Part of the learning and challenge for me on these projects is deciding how to assemble and finish the quilt once the individual blocks have been made. In this case, that decision...


Rainbow Quilt

Color, color, color. There is something very rewarding about selecting fabric for and creating a quilt that is all about color and transitions between colors. The design shown here is simple – strips of fabric – but the execution took some time, most of that spent in fabric selection....